A list of possible bandcamp alternatives” for selling music online that have come up in various conversations on the subject in the last week. Updating with more as I discover them..

blamscamp - A tool which lets you create a bandcamp style audio player for an individual album. The player is an entirely self-contained website, and can be hosted on a variety of platforms, but was designed specifically for itch.io.

Scritch editor - Another tool for building a custom audio player for use on itch.io.

Faircamp - A tool for building a static bandcamp style player/page/site that can be hosted anywhere. One of the more interesting options I’ve seen so far, though also the most you’re on your own as far as hosting and payment processing go.

AMPWALL - Currently under development (i.e. not yet open to the public) site for artists to sell their music and merch. DIY owned and built (by a member of Woe), and set up as a Public Benefit Company. Definitely keeping an eye on this one. Sign up for their mailing list and more info at the link.

mirlo - Another interesting under development project, though diving into their discord to figure out just what’s up with it feels a bit deep-end-of-the-pool at the moment. Worth watching though.

Aural Isle - A self-hostable server that provides a place for musicians to publish their work for their audience” The Project is just getting off the ground and not yet ready for use. More details and roadmap at the link.

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posted: October 21st, 2023