Happy 50th to my pal Boris Hauf - saxophonist, computer musician, occasional Chicagoan, unofficial official fourth member of TVPow, good dad, very tall person, etc. . .

I made a little tune for this birthday charity comp:

Nice to be included here with a bunch of old friends and acquaintances, been a long time since we were all in the same room, but it’s great having everyone’s music here together at least. It’s a wildly varied mix of tracks on the comp, from free jazz and jazzy pop to weird electronics, field recordings, drones, and even spoken word.

About the comp, Boris says:

in the spring of 2024 I wrote everyone I had ever made music with to ask if they would send me a musical contribution for a compilation I wanted to release on my 50th birthday. all proceeds would go to a berlin local charity.

some had already been part of my life for more than 49 years, some I had only just met; some were friends I’d played with countless times, some couldn’t even remember we had ever met; some I played with for 1000s of people, with others I was booed off stage.

there was absolutely no obligation or expectation for people to get back to me. it was primarily an exercise for me, looking back to the rich and fulfilling life I’ve had so far and the wonderful people I’ve met on the way. there were also some not so wonderful people along the way, I didn’t write them.

so, here are 35 pieces of music and two photos made by this wonderful group of people I am so happy to call my friends. I couldn’t be more proud to present this birthday compilation to you.

proceeds will go to changing cities’, an independent movement fighting for sustainable, safe and barrier-free mobility on foot and by bike.

thanks to you all and happy birthday to me.”

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posted: June 3rd, 2024