neural goldberg

 Christopher Burns (computer)
 Jason Soliday (modular synth)

 In their work as neural goldberg, J. Soliday (Chicago) and Christopher Burns (Philadelphia) emphasize instrument-building - the assemblage of modular synthesis hardware and digital software - alongside improvised performance. The two artists design semi-autonomous constructs that deploy complex feedback paths alongside a a variety of algorithmic techniques, to generate kaleidoscopic and ever-changing electronic music. Burns and Soliday run their systems in parallel, listening, recording, and occasionally nudging, guiding, and directing the machines as they deem necessary.

The result is an intense, idiosyncratic dialogue, reflecting the merged aesthetics of the two musicians. The duo’s distinctive voice is revealed through a labyrinth of twists and turns: noisy, playful, dissonant, layered, unpredictable, energetic, and with a keen sense of humor.




 Still Life With Juggling Brick
    CD & Digital - FTAM - 2022

 single sided sour single
    Digital - Crank Satori - 2022

 strange and marvelous turtles of happiness
    Digital - Crank Satori - 2021

 doppler doppelgänger
    Digital - Crank Satori - 2021

 Fluidic, Bubble Wrap, Roller Torque, Arborization
    on Perception
    CD & Digital - JMY - 2021

 Flash Fouls
    Digital - Crank Satori - 2020

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