ÇøgÛæëêμí [happenstanza] is a collaboration between Crank Sturgeon and myself, packaged in the format of a podcast. Near the end of 2021, Crank Sturgeon sent me a 342 page document titled happenstanza” with instructions to score, read, perform, etc, in any manner you see fit…”

ÇøgÛæëêμí [happenstanza] is the first variation on any manner I see fit”. Every Tuesday, a new episode consisting of 500 characters removed sequentially from this document will be read by a speech synthesizer with randomly selected values for pitch, speed, modulation, and cascade. Episodes will continue until there are no more characters in the document. Just as each episode is an erosion of the original document, individual episodes will erode and become unavailable 90 days after posting to buzzsprout.

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