a mirrored clairvoyant rotates endlessly

A mirrored clairvoyant rotates endlessly came out back on March 20th, but I’m just now getting around to posting it here. Released under The Subtraction moniker.. even though it’s a solo recording, it just felt like it fit better there.

A slowly shifting sample window, sliding through an earworm I’ve had since sometime in the early 90s. Stretched, twisted, and folded over itself into the extended hovering fog rendered here.

Note that there are two versions of A Mirrored Clairvoyant Rotates Endlessly. The one presented on Bandcamp - in six parts, each section of of which fades in and out as an individual piece - and another which is a single unbroken drone which slowly evolves over three hours. Pay more than $1 at the Bandcamp link and I’ll email you an additional link where you can download the second version in either 320 mp3 or 24 bit FLAC.