Cooking with Crank

Old pal Crank Sturgeon sent me a file a couple weeks ago, one of his search engine pieces, this one all about cooking sturgeon. Since then I’ve been messing around with it every couple of days, cutting and rearranging the text, slowly transforming it into a score of a sort. Not quite sure where it’s going yet, but here’s a couple recent itterations:

Sturgeon Sliced: multiple copies of the text, cut into 3-4-5 word chunks, some shuffled, and folded back into each other.. aiming for something that is nonsense(d), but still retains some small semblance of the original source.

Daisy Sings Sturgeon: Screenshot of a first attempt to get a vocaloid to sing” a variation on the text. VCV converting generative control voltages to midi on the left, Bidule hosting AlterEg0 Daisy on the right.


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