A few notes on A Certain Nausea of Forms and my process in general:

 .the point at which things splinter, fragment, break down, transform into
  other things, and the pieces that remain

 .the manic slapstick energy of cartoons

 .the line between the synthesized and the concrete is indistinct, either
  can masquerade as the other

 .the sounds of speech, both organic and artificial, more than the message

 .an ambivalence towards the occurrence of events. some presented as they
  were played, others as they were made, combinations of both abound

 .games and illusions, illusions and games

 .it might be breaking the rules, but a good rummage can be had with both
 voltages and files

 .instruments that are played, instruments that play themselves, instruments
  that do both simultaneously are best

 .the possibility of being in multiple places, traveling in multiple
  directions, at several speeds at the same time

 .dominoes, pinball, the way things go (& the ways they don’t)

 .A Certain Nausea of Forms is available now from No Rent