Recent Bandcamp Updates

I’ve added a number of old out of print and previously unreleased recordings to the Crank Satori Bandcamp in recent weeks. Here’s a wrap-up of what’s new:

The Subtraction - The One Who Infests Ships
The Subtraction is the duo of Omar Gonzalez and I, both on electronics. Slow doom-drones and sea-hauntings. Originally relesased as a cassette on Terence Hanum and Andre Foisy’s Land of Decay label in 2012.

Ratatosk - December 16th, 2008
Ben Billington on drums and electronics; J.Soliday on electronics. Recorded live at an unknown venue on December 16th, 2008 by Vadim Spirkut. A blown-out snapshot of Ratatosk at one of our heaviest moments.

gunshop. - /n0
My first CD release, from way back in 2001. gunshop. was the duo of Joe Mason and I, both of us performing on rewired toy laser guns and other circuit bent electronics, cheap synths, contact mic’d objects, pretty much everything and the kitchen sink: Originally released on C.I.P.

coeurl - for Shameless (… or one down, two left)
coeurl was the name I used for my solo recordings in the late 90s - early 2000s. This one was released in a very small edition by Boris Hauf’s Shameless label in 2002, and is one of the last coeurl recordings.

J.Soliday - chair
Created for a gallery show in 2000 curated by Philip von Zweck called Made At Work, chair was recorded entirely in my office at my day job at the time. Nothing but the sparse creaking of an office chair, this may be the quitest piece I’ve ever made.

bandages - bandages
Another short lived solo pseudonym, bandages only existed for this single recording. Looped decaying drones generated from found recordio records and electronics. Released sometime between 2002-2004 as a very limited edition CDr with unique collage covers for each copy.

J.Soliday - Live 2005
A live set recorded at Vadim Spirkut’s place during a house show there in August of 2005. A short, sputtering, grumbling drone that may or may not have blown Vadim’s monitors. He can’t remember if this was the one, and I can neither confirm nor deny..

J. Soliday - Shivering Disorgainzer
A set of demos that were on my soundcloud in the early part of the last decade. Live & studio recording edits from 2011 - 2012.

J. Soliday - Bright Disease
A rather harsh one from 2013, orignially released as a cassette on Depravity Label. Bright Disease? Something about being too smart for your own good and deals with devils.