Recent Crank Satori Releases / Bandcamp Day

This coming Friday, February 4th, is the next Bandcamp Friday. Here’s a few recent Crank Satori releases you might have missed, give em a listen and perhaps pick up a couple of them if you hear something you like.

J.Soliday - a sour green
The latest solo album from J.Soliday. Twists and knots of synthesis and noise, melted machine voices and the occasional hint of broken room zones:

Azhdarchids - The Great Dying
Debut recordings from Azhdarchids (the duo of Anthony Dunn & J.Soliday) a droning morass of creeping choirs, crunched up metallic bits, haunting pianos, tortured screams, crumbling ambience:

J.Kirk - J/K
Pulsing electronic jitter from the duo of CHEFKIRK & J.Soliday. Noise for Moon Patrol:

neural goldberg - strange and marvelous turtles of happiness
Two generative audio systems: a modular synthesis rig riddled with feedback paths, patched and tweaked by J.Soliday, and algorithmic software designed and piloted by Christopher Burns. Recorded in real time across networks between Philadelphia and Chicago, June-July 2021:

In addition to these recent releases, there’s another 81 albums available from the Crank Satori Bandcamp. Currently the complete discography is 90% off. That’s 85 digital albums for $21.60!

Crank Satori album covers