Closed Caption Concrete No.1

J.Soliday - a splintering

Flora Haleta Karton Soliday - Tritriangle - July 5th

recent photos

Two Routines

Tokinogake - Time Series Processing 2

Happenstanza - Season One In Dual Mono Or Occasional Wild Stereo


notes on A Certain Nausea of Forms

J.Soliday - A Certain Nausea of Forms - No Rent

Soliday / Gutzeit - Numbers

TTTen YYYears of TTriTriangle - xTAL fSCK

Graham Stephenson & A.F. Jones, Kieran Daly, J.Soliday at Tritriangle

this fall from No Rent

ÇøgÛæëêμí [happenstanza] - recent transmissions

neural goldberg - Still Life With Juggling Brick

Crocodile Cuts

A Night of Modular Synthesis VIII

neural goldberg - Milwaukee 07/29

ÇøgÛæëêμí [happenstanza] - Episode 03

hyperchao swamps

ÇøgÛæëêμí [happenstanza] - Episode 02

xTAL fSCK in Milwaukee 05/15

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